Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dridex campaign on the 23rd and 24rd of May - using fake PKCS#12 files

Dridex has been very active in the last 2 days. 

I have seen more than 40k emails sent during a window frame of 36 hour and I have identified around 300 different samples. The samples size are between 260KB and 360KB and all of them are MS Word office documents.

Last week I wrote here about the last Locky campaign and the techniques used by the cyber criminals to fool the victims.  Dridex and Locky Threat Actors are very close friends ;-)
and they are sharing some of the TTP they are using in their campaigns ;-)
Currently, In both cases, they have been sending a blank MS word office document which requieres to enable macros

In the Dridex campaign there are some particular interesting points.

Debugging the VBA code of the the Macro, which it is password protected, the first interesting thing I see is that the Windows command 'certutil' is used. This command handles digital certificates in windows. 

The command is:

"cmd /c certutil -decode %TMP%\\harakiri.pfx %TMP%\\harakiri.exe & start %TMP%\\harakiri.exe"

Usually PFX files are PKCS#12 containers which stores certificates. What's going on?

in this case, the command is not related to digital certificates at all, but it is just converting some base64 strings stored in a file name "harakiri.pfx" and dumping into an executable file name "harakiri.exe". After that, the file harakiri.exe is executed.

The harakiri.pfx is inside the MS Word file. Looking into the malicious file I see a bunch of base64 starting in offset DC80

and ending in offset 56104

Now, dumping that set of data (from offset DC80 up to offset 56104) and decoding with base64, the same way that the command 'certutil' does, I obtain a PE file. This is the file which later is executed when running the macro

The file obtained is already reported in VT

This time the VBA inside the MS office document is not dropping anything from Internet,  but just extracting and converting the PE file inside itself.

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